Manufacturers of fully finished Grey Cast Iron & Ductile (SG) Iron Castings for various applications

Facilities Engineering:

Product Development Capacity / Capability:

  • Capability to develop new products in a wide array of product families
  • Products developed in all bands - from a few kgs to 125kgs
  • 3D modelling and simulation techniques in foundry ensure first time right castings
  • In house process design, fixture design and tooling selection in machine shop ensures quality component with reduced lead times
  • Detailed documentation and customer interaction to ensure robust developments
  • Use of APQP and project management ensures customer satisfaction


We have a Design cell which shapes the castings. It is the first step to providing solutions. Normally we receive drawings and sketches showing the sectional dimensions. Designers create drawings of components then our product development team makes wooden/aluminium patterns, master pattern and continue with other dimensional inspections. It is one of our major activities.


The design is analyzed in PRO-ENGINEERING tools to evaluate load capacity, weight and weak areas for suitable correction. The design is corrected considering appropriate safety factors.


Designers use CAD to make various drawings required for pattern making, machining, finishing and inspection.


Developing an item correctly is the first step to solution.

CNC Tooling:


Pattern is a key activity in a Foundry. It takes a significant amount of time to develop an item. We have machines to take care of the pattern requirements.
There is an in-house pattern shop taking care of pattern maintenance and pattern modifications of special patterns.
In addition to CNC Shop there is a Machine shop which extends support to Pattern making.

Our Quality Policy:

We at Gautam Group 'Are not in competition with anybody but with ourselves, our goal is to beat our last performance.' Gautam Group is committed to satisfy the customer expectations by doing continual improvement in products, process & quality management system by involving motivated human resources of appropriate skills.

Quality Objectives:

  • Optimum response time to customer requirements.
  • Reduction in in-house defects & rejections i.e. towards Zero Defect.
  • 85% utilization of plant installed capacity OEE.
  • Train the employees to enable them to improve their skills and knowledge in order to cope up the changing needs and perform better.

"People feel proud to work in Gautam Group"